Sustainability, research and teaching

These are my projects:

“Sustainable Development in higher education teaching information package”

Background: I wanted to include SD topics into my own teaching but struggled to find high-quality and useful information on how to do this without spending too much time on this extra task. As I assumed that more people might encounter this difficulty when wanting to address SD in their teaching, I had the idea to create a brief, basic “SD in higher education teaching information package” which would serve as a first entry point into the topic for colleagues teaching at higher education institutions. 

I joined forces with Dr. Karl Herweg, Dr. Anne Zimmermann, Teresa Ruckelshauß, and Catrin Darsley and created a freely available information package.

Creation of a "teach the teacher course" on sustainable development


The University of Amsterdam gave me a "Sustainability Teaching Grant" and I developed a  course on the inclusion of sustainable development topics into one's own Higher Education teaching. The course ran for the first time in March 2022 and will be offeren at Radboud University in 2023.

Please contact me if you are interested in the course, I am very happy to share its contents.

Involvement in sportainable, a network and thinktank for sustainability in sport (area: education for sustainable development [ESD] & sport)

Ongoing project