Sport & exercise psychology, experiential learning

-  workshops, consultation, training & research


STEP UP stands for sport and exercise psychological training, consulting, workshops and research with the goal of sustainable personal development. No matter where your individual path should take you, a unique mix of scientific knowledge and experiential learning will get you on the way and accompany you.


Individuals, teams, clubs, companies, classes, and many more - STEP UP trainings and/or research projects are for anyone who wants to evolve. Set clear goals and explore your situation to become more active, healthier, and sustainably better. Grow as an individual and as a team.


The trainings are individually tailored to the needs of each client. Theoretical input, practical exercises, excursions and / or individual counseling sessions - many formats are possible. The most suitable method and approach for your situation will be chosen from a range of different psychological and pedagogical approaches and (research) methods.  


The Vision

Everyone should have the opportunity for lifelong learning and personal development. However, in our competitive world, the focus must not only be on performance and efficiency, but on sustainable health and sustainable development. STEP UP would like to contribute to this goal.


In my person, passion for science and research is combined with passion for practical and experience-oriented working with people. Enthusiasm for the promotion of healthy lifestyles meets with enthusiasm for the goal of sustainable personal and social development. In my practical work, I try to combine all fields.


I would be very happy to personally inform you about the possibilities of sport and exercise psychology and experiential learning-oriented trainings. I would love to consider with you how STEP UP can support you on your personal journey. Just send me a message using the contact form!